I’ve known for a long time that the iconic house featured on the Midnight Oil Album Diesel and Dust is near Burra in South Australia.

Adelaide Uni booked me in for some photoshoots in the area so I thought I would take the opportunity to search for the house and get a photo of it.

It turns out the house is very easy to find, only 2 or 3 km out of Burra as you head to Mount Byran. I was really impressed with Burra, a very cute little town and even more importantly some decent coffee being served.

Image of the Midnight Oil House as it appears on the album cover.

The day I went to Burra it was overcast and mid spring, so the land was lush, in stark contrast to Ken Duncan’s photo.

Rather then try and replicate Ken’s photos (which I think is a cracker!) I thought I would frame it differently to accentuate the green rolling hills and I also wanted to make the house look less intense (Ken’s short lens really makes it look like a ruin) so I shot from a greater distance.

Here is my version.. I’m, sure you agree it is quite different.

My photo of The Midnight Oil House.

A high resolution of this image can be downloaded from my South Australian Landscape Images page.

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  1. Very different image from Ken’s but equally as good. The old place would look quite stunning on a blue sky day sitting in a field of yellow canola too. Different look at different times of the year. I believe there was some restoration work done to maintain it and not lose the look of the old place. I hope that is true.

    1. Hi Joanne, from a distant it looked to be in good condition. I agree re: the Canola, it would look great. You could almost make a calendar to show how it changes through out the year.

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