We all know video content marketing is supposed to improve engagement and trust. When I created the Mitcham Marine website we created an introduction video, the effect this had on conversions was extraordinary.

Why did it work so well?

Look at it from a potential customers point of view. If they have found you via an online search, chances are they don’t know you from a bar of soap. Also, your competitors probably offer a similar service. This is where video content marketing can work so well, it can introduce you and your personality to a potential customer.

It can separate you from your competition by:

How well did video content marketing work for Mitcham Marine?

Incredibly 80% of the people that visit the website contact Mitcham Marine. Clearly the video gives them confidence that Mitcham Marine can be trusted to fix their beloved boat.

Winner takes all.

This example also highlights that web content marketing isn’t really fair. The companies that do it right get all the results. The ones that don’t do it right are probably the ones that complain that their website is a waste of time and money.

Video of Mike and me discussing his video.

I created a little video where Mike tells us how well his website has worked for him.

On a side note, this website was my re-entry back into the industry. It opened up a huge realisation to me that a ‘clever’ website can make a huge difference to a business. I have to say I was very chuffed at the result, a really great feeling.


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