My First Video

This Diner En Blanc video was my first ever video. During a trip to Italy I read some books and practiced some techniques. I was very happy with the result. Since this I’ve done hundreds of event videos, they generally still have a similar feel to this. I try and shoot for a really natural and fun look. I’m not afraid to get in close and look for emotions. Perhaps one thing I do differently now is use more diegetic sounds in my event videos.

Telling Stories

I’ve included the Saint Spyridon video because it’s a great example of how telling a story can really get your message across in a genuine way and also a good example of how my relaxed interview style can extract hidden gems like this story. When I interview I tend to let the discussions be pretty organic. During my interview with the Principal she started telling a story about how her own kids wanted to come to the school.

Profile Video example

I didn’t have a real plan when I shot this video, other than to film Kris at a few open homes. The cutaways show my candid style and help bring some personality to what come sometimes be pretty dull videos. I think I also managed to get Kris to relax and get her benefits across with out sounding ‘salesy’.

The Midnight Oil House

I think this video show my breadth of skills, from drone usage, photoshopping, colour grading and so on. I did this video as part of my Degree in Digital Media, which I am currently studying at The University of South Australia.

The Flinders Ranges – Why would you bother?

This is a video I did early on. My family pretty much has camera fatigue now, so this was one of my last chances to get the camera out on a family holiday.

Social Media Videos

The following videos were all shot ‘on the run’ with no scripting or planning.