As an Adelaide Photographer it’s always a great privilege to do work for the University of Adelaide, the following are some photography examples from the work I have done with them.

I have had a huge variety of work with them, including:

One of the most exciting shoots was the ‘hero image’ for Careers Expo 2017. It was printed on huge banners that were prominently displayed all over the University. It’s also really cool to see you work ‘up in lights’

Following is the finished artwork for the Careers Expo banner.

Careers Expo photo example

Perhaps one of the best part about shooting for the Uni, is the huge variety of amazing locations you get to shoot in. There is hardly a beige room in sight. It also really cool working on higher end projects, where you have to be very conscious of branding, use style guides and so forth.

Remember to check out my portfolio for more examples of my photography.



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