Today I learnt the importance of good design

I remember thirty years ago, I purchased my first PC while I was studying Engineering at Uni. The first program I discovered was one of the drawing programs, I remember staying up until 3 in the morning for weeks just playing with it.

Yesterday I had to learn to use Adobe Illustrator to create infographics, I jumped down that rabbit hole again.

It made me reflect on my decisions over the years, I kind of wish I dropped out of Engineering way back then and switched to Graphic Design, but I guess it’s never too late right?

Anyway, onto my article..

So, we were given this data and our challenge was to make it interesting..

After spending the entire day learning Illustrator I dragged myself of the computer late last night feeling quite accomplished. It made me realise how much I enjoy drawing things and creating images. It also made me realise how design can communicate so effectively. The above data pretty much invokes nothing from any one who would look at it.

Here are my completed graphics..

Can’t wait to get the chance to do more info graphics, I really enjoyed the challenge of making data interesting..

Any feedback is appreciated.

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