I think this photo was about 300 on my new camera, a Sony Alpha 390. I had just discovered the exposure compensation button (I will explain that in a future post), with this button alone I worked out you could really transform a photo.

Once I looked at this on my computer I was just chuffed, it’s amazing how many times you look at a photo you are proud of. A large print of it is now prominently displayed on our living room wall.

Of course this photo is in my portfolio, I’m even planning to put it into an exhibition I am organising.

This photo sparked a real passion with landscape photography, something I’d still love to make a living from, a work in progress. From just shooting landscapes I moved into other areas, I even purchased a tilt shift lens.

After about two year of constant shooting I enrolled in my Certificate IV in Photo Imaging, this was when I decided I wanted to have a go at becoming a full time photographer.

I have to say, in 3 years shooting I have 10 times more stories and interesting things happen to me than 25 years in I.T. I’m so glad I took my mid life crisis seriously.

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