I usually tell my clients the three most important things in your digital strategy should be:

  1. Use amazing photos
  2. Use beautiful images
  3. Use custom pictures

Of course these are all the same thing. The reason I say this is because I truly believe professional images and video are the best basis for a really effective strategy, here’s why I think that..

Your brain processes images fast

Evolution has required humans to be able to process vision extremely quickly, in the past for avoiding getting eaten by lions, now not so much. We process images 1000 times faster than text. This means with the right image you can really quickly tell a story.

In an instant what is the image below telling you?

This is a photo I took of a group enjoying lunch at The Uraidla hotels, instantly you know:

  • The atmosphere is friendly
  • The people are all friends
  • They are having a great time
  • You can almost feel their happiness
  • and so on..

Not only that, the image also creates an emotive response, it makes you think about catching up with friends, enjoying life.

How do you feel now, after seeing the image? All this has occurred in a fraction of a second.

As you can see images cut through

How many advertising images do you see a day? On Instagram alone it could be hundreds. If you want to have any chance of being noticed your images have to be engaging and tell the right story.

It’s that simple, if they don’t you simply won’t get noticed.

Get your images working for you

As well as over 4 years experience as a professional photographer I also:

  • have over 20 years experience developing websites, including (at the time) the worlds largest interactive cycling website.
  • have my Google Online Marketing Certification
  • am studying my Bachelor of Digital Marketing.

These unique skills really put me in a unique position to deliver you images and video that will really work for your business.

Check out my portfolio or more information about me to learn more about me and what I do.

If you are interested in seeing how I can help please get in touch by filling in the following form or checking out my contact page.