Differentation – it’s you

How are you different to you competitors? You may have an amazing widget, a secret process. But by far your biggest difference is your people.

On paper your average Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Lawyer, Beauty Therapist all look pretty similar. Similar qualifications, similar services, similar facilities but completely different people.

First Impressions Count

At University this Semester I am studying Intercultural Communications. We are learning about a very interesting phenomena that happens when we are communicating. Our brains sub consciously and almost instantly make inferences from what hear and see. These inferences are also pretty much set in stone.

What this means is that we form an opinion about

My Differentiation

As well as over 4 years experience as a professional photographer I also:

  • have over 20 years experience developing websites, including (at the time) the worlds largest interactive cycling website.
  • have my Google Online Marketing Certification
  • am studying my Bachelor of Digital Marketing.

These unique skills really put me in a unique position to deliver you images and video that will really work for your business.

Check out my portfolio or more information about me to learn more about me and what I do.

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