Well, that was a busy 10 weeks. I’m happy to say I got through it OK. I learnt a lot, but even more importantly it boosted my confidence in what I do and why I am doing it.

Some really pleasing feedback

It can get quite lonely working for yourself and getting feedback from experts in the field can be really motivating. I tend to work in a bit of a bubble and you just don’t know if what you are doing is any good. A bit like parents of an ugly baby, they think it is the most beautiful thing in the world, but everyone else steps back and gasps when they first see it.

My major assessment for the semester was to create a promotional video. I created a little video promoting my landscape photography. I was expecting pages of comments, suggestions, ways to do it better, but this was my feedback.

98 / 100

Andy, this was such impressive work! I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of your shots, the use of colour, and the variety of shots. What an interesting, unique project.

Feedback from assessor

Yes, I was pretty chuffed. Only suggestions were to up the volume in the first 30 seconds, which I knew but ran out of time to re-record and my choice of music, I know 35 years of daily doses of Billy Idol has affected my ability to choose music wisely

Project submission for Introduction to Digital Media

My other subject went OK as well, part of that was to develop a framework for a small business to measure their social media success, I’ll post a cut down version of this in the next little while.

More Landscapes in the future

I’ve decided where practical to base my projects on my Landscape photography. Whether that’s a website, video, social media project.

This semester my major project is to create a 6-8 minute fictional film. I already have my idea locked and loaded, and yes it is based on landscapes, so I hope I can pull this project off.

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