Camp Karnkanthi

I had an amazing few days filming the students on their leadership camp, watching them grow over just a few days was very inspiring.

Karnkanthi, translated from Kaurna language means ‘lifted up’, and supports students with Aboriginal backgrounds as they transition into University.

Run and Gun

Originally I was planning to shoot this with 2 video cameras, lighting and a shotgun mic. However it become really obvious on the first night this wasn’t going to work for a few reasons. Firstly, because it was an event video you need to be ready in an instant to film a moment as it happens, and secondly, the kids were really put off by the dual camera complicated setup.

I popped a small shotgun mic on top of my SLR and just shot the action as it happened with this basic setup. This style of shooting is often referred to as run ‘n’ gun.