Over the past couple of years I’ve done a few real estate social media projects for Team Casey at Harris Real Estate. These have been really exciting projects and I think our results have been pretty creative.

There is one huge benefit to doing creative social media that often get’s overlooked, I’ll get to that shortly.

In the case of social media in real estate you tend to think of creating posts that appeal to potential purchasers of properties, as a result you see a lot of photos and videos of houses. This can get very same same after a while. Perhaps the easiest way to stand out in social media is to produce interesting and relevant content, hopefully the videos below tick that box.

The unexpected bonus of creative content

Creative content, clever content can be used for so much more than just promoting your properties to potential buyers. If you are smart you will also use it to appeal to potential vendors. Think about it, if you are talking to a potential vendor and can show them some really cool video content, it will have the following MASSIVE benefits.

Examples of my Real Estate Social Media Projects

1. Forktree Road

We wanted to make a property video, that was so much more than a ‘brochure’, we wanted to show the property in a really personal way. We wanted to show potential buyers what the property could make their life like.

2. Bent Street Property Video

In a similar fashion to the Forktree road video, we wanted to make a property video which was much less clinical and showed the house being used.

This video actually went a little bit viral (not just on it’s own though, Team Casey showcased the client’s dog Frankie along with some other clever social media tactics, but the video was part of this) and the video was even featured on several media sites leading to hundred of shares.

The Parkside Panel

We created a series of videos where three local Parkside kids reviewed the various parks around Adelaide. I personallly loved this project, from a Social Media marketing perspective I think it was pretty cool.

One tactic used in the video was ‘locality’, I’m planning to cover that in a future article.


Well, I hope you enjoyed these videos. They really show how thinking outside the square can really have a big impact on a business.

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