$100 per hour for Regular Clients

Any clients that sign up for a regular arrangement get charged at $100 per hour plus GST. There is no minimum shoot time required either.

A regular client is a client that agrees to regular work, maybe a quarterly shoot for social media content or something else. These arrangements are flexible with no long term contracts needing to be signed

General Photography

Minimum 4 hours, usually includes 1-2 hours shooting, 1 hour processing plus travel time. Typically video will need an entire day to allow for extra processing time.

Charged in ½ day blocks, suitable for events and images suitable for social media content or other projects that require little planning.

Half day block $600 plus GST

Conference Photography

For conferences requiring more than 8 hours photography my rate is $100 per hour plus GST. For less than 8 hours my rate is $150 per hour plus GST


Headshots are $100 plus GST for the first headshot and $50 for each subsequent one shot in a session.

Website and Advertising Images

Hero images usually take a lot more planning. Also they typically require more equipment and setup time. The cost is $100 per image plus GST.


Video projects are quoted on a project by project basis. Some projects like events will require little planning and less processing whilst other videos will have significant planning and editing requirements.

Website Design

Getting your website right is critical. Generally all your sales and marketing efforts lead people to your website. A small increase in your conversion rate can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Websites are nearly impossible to get right the first time, people often get their website online only to find it needs some tweaks that have not been budgeted for. I quote for websites on a site by site basis and usually include some ongoing options so the site can be perfected as needed.