Photos from Moana Triathlon 2018

2018 moana triathlon photo from open swim start

Here are the photos I took at todays Moana Triathlon, how nice was the weather? Almost stripped down to the bathers to go for a swim.

I will upload a link to the high resolution images in a few days time and provide a link, so make sure you follow my social media to find out when they are posted.

As usual, feel free to use these images as you want, but if you could tag my social media @andystevenphotography and include a link to this website,  that would be great.

The high res images from Victor Harbor Triathlon are still available as well, although I will probably take them down in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to Triathlon SA and the hoard of volunteers that have helped through the season, great job, hope to see you all next year.

Lastly, let me know if you are keen for me to keep on taking pics at the events.

Update: Hires images can now bet accessed from my Google Drive Folder.


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