Last week a client asked me if I would do an Adobe After Effects animation. I had done a few simple text animations before, but nothing to complicated. At some stage after watching many Youtube videos I discovered the camera layer, wow, how awesome is that. Instantly my brain went mental visualising all the possibilities.

I’ve seen a few opening credits on movies that use photos to create a really cool video affect. Sorry, not sure of the technical term. I wanted to try and replicate this a little bit. I chose this image of the Semaphore Kite Festival because it was easy to remove objects from the background. My first step was to remove the kites I wanted animated and re-fill the empty backgrounds with sky. Which I did simply using the spot healing tool in Photoshop.

The next trick was changing the layers to 3D and putting objects where I think they should of been. This was actually very fiddly. This attempt I was unable to get the kite line to animate, next time!

As part of the learning experience I also played with Adobe Animate, which is basically Adobe Flash rebadged. I found this product much clumsier than After Affects. From what I can work out (not made very clear on the Adobe page) Animate is better for Vector animations where as After Effects is more ‘photoshoppy’

Anyway, I don’t think this will be my last Adobe After Effects animation, make sure you keep an eye on my Animation blogs, only one entry there now, but I hope to add more soon.

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