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Red Rainbow Bunyeroo Valley

The sky on this day still remains as the most dramatic sky I have ever seen.

I hadn’t been to Razor Back lookout before, so I was hoping that was where I would get the quintessential shot of Bunyeroo Valley.

It was dark and drizzling when I turned up, my expectations at this stage were pretty low. As dawn approached the mountain looked like a drab grey rock.

Then, at the exact moment the sun came over the horizon it found a tiny gap in the clouds. I wasn’t aware of what was happening at this stage, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bright purple beam of light on the horizon. At first I didn’t realise it was a rainbow, there was no colour in it, it was just purple. As my eye followed the beam skyward I then realised what I was seeing, a rare red rainbow.

At this stage it was panic stations I knew I had maybe 30 seconds until the rainbow disappeared, I scrambled my gear together and managed a few shots.

These images have very little Photoshopping. It was right place right time.

Sunrise in the Flinder Ranges

This is another photo taken just as the red rainbow disappears.

Sunrise in Brachina Gorge

For fathers day 2017 my daughter and I went to Brachina Gorge for the weekend in the hope of seeing some Yellow Footed Rock Wallabys.

We weren’t disappointed, Emily’s eye for spotting distance fauna is second to none. We found a large pop of wallabys and spent the after watching them.

The next morning we had a lovely sunrise, the red light slowly flowing down the hill. The gum trees in this image have a really interesting look and the contrast of the bright orange rocks makes for a really nice landscape.