These images are all free to download and use for personal use. However if you really value the image a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Winters morning on Hindley Street

This photo won the Adelaide City Council’s $4000 first prize in Snap Your City photo competition.

Sticky Beak Blue Heeler

Some of you might recognise this image, it was on a billboard in town as part of a My Dog promotion.

Sadly the old stables in the background of the image have now been knocked down. It’s a shame, one of the most unique old buildings in Burnside Council and they were allowed to knock it down.

Full moon at Narang

A freezing cold winters night spent in the swag was worth the effort. Chris and I were looking for a place to camp and have a fire down the Coorong and found the camp ground at Narang one of the few places you can have a camp fire.

I’m writing this article at the end of march 2019, only a few weeks away from the end of fire ban season, really looking forward to having a few campfires this year.

Seagulls at Rapid Bay

This photo remained lost for a fe years. Only a few weeks ago I was collating images for this page and I accidentally exported this on instead of another image. When I saw it, I was like, wow, why didn’t I notice this before.

I think this image would look great in a beach house or shack.