Every month I’m planning to add an image to my series of South Australian Landscape Images.

These images are free for you to download and print for your personal use. All I ask is that you send me a photo of the printed image hanging on your wall.

I absolutely love shooting landscapes, my style is very much of the glass, usually no photoshopping and just a little tweak of the sliders in Lightroom, I think mother nature does a pretty good job of making light look spot on.

These images are all free to download and use for personal use. However if you really value the image a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Recent Updates

22nd March 2019

Here is a remake of a video I made from a family holidays in the Flinders Ranges. It always amazes me how many Adelaidians haven’t made the trek up here.

Hires images on this page..

Even more high resolution South Australian Landscapes

Midnight Oil House

My first image is of Ken Duncan’s famous Midnight Oil House that appeared on the cover of Diesel and Dust back when I was young! It was a real pilgrimage for me to go and photograph this house. The thing I loved about it the most was the contrast in Ken’s image to mine. They could not be more different. I think it really shows the power of photography, how the same thing can be made to look so different using light and composition and of course the time of year it was shot.

Check out my blog post on The Midnight Oil House to see what Ken’s image looks like.

Kangaroo at Deep Creek

This photo was taken at Deep Creek with my little Canon Compact, so I hope the quality and resolution is OK with anyone wanting it. Before I took this photo it was quite a long time since I had taken a landscape photo. It reminded why I love photography so much and has rekindled my desire to get out there and take more! I would of preffered his (or her) tail to be a bit more horizontal and he had ‘air’

Milkyway at Mundoo Channel

I was swagging in the carpark at Hindmarsh Island one night before a photoshoot with Goolwa PipiCo.

It was so cold the buckle on my swag shattered.

Mundoo Channel was dead calm with the Milky Way pointing directly to the horizon at the end of jetty.

Kite Festival at Semaphore

If you’ve got young kids, in fact even if you don’t have kids the Semaphore Kite Festival is well worth the trip. I’ve also made a little animation from this image.