Headshot Portfolio

My headshot portfolio shows a range of images. A good headshot is one of the most important things you can do to create a good first impression. Whether you want the standard white background, or an environmental portrait I can help out.

Don’t think you need a professional headshot? Well check out these articles and see some reason why you should invest in a professional headshot.

Why a professional headshot is important for business

Why you need a professional headshot

Do I need a professional headshot?

Do I need to come to your studio?

No. For two reasons, firstly I don’t have a studio, so that makes it difficult. Secondly, if I come to you it saves you important time out of your busy day. If you are looking for a stock standard white background, all I need for that is an office with a white wall, and they are quite easy to find in most businesses.

Will it take a long time?

Some models can spend 2 hours getting their headshots, I find your average corporate has about 3 minutes until they tire of the process. So it will be really quite quick. To give you an idea on what to expect, check out my post 35 corporate headshots in 2 hours. That should give you a good idea on the quality to expect in a very rushed scenario.

I freeze in front of the camera, how will you make me relax?

Every photographer has their own technique for getting you to relax. Some tell jokes, I’ve tried that but I’m completely unable to recall any jokes while I’m concentrating. I find just shooting and chatting naturally, eventually you relax and forget about the camera.

Can you photoshop my wrinkles and double chin?

Sorry, not with me. I’ll do a minimal amount of retouching. I like to use lighting and posing techniques to make you look your best. Over photoshopping is risky, because one of the most important aspects of a good headshot is that it needs to be genuine and getting rid of your ‘imperfections’ isn’t very genuine. As you can see in my headshot portfolio, there are a few wrinkles and double chins about.