Major project for Graphic Design

I recently completed my major project for the graphic design component in my uni course. I really enjoyed the module and went the extra mile to make sure I understood concepts such as visual heirarchy, visiual metaphors and visusal rhetoric.

Even more pleasing was the feed back I received, I added this below the image


Following is the feedback from my lecturers, felt very please with this and very happy with my 95% mark.

"Your brochure is produced from the zoo topic supplied and the overall look is highly creatively effective, which is visually interesting and engaging. You have displayed everything professionally as there is a great sense of balance and visual interest. Your chosen colour combination for your brochure is bright and fun, and visually appealing, contrasting fittingly that is eye-catching. There are many creative ideas, particularly the graphics and photographs (your own) and use of layering techniques. Typographic Treatment: You have implemented many highly effective Typography concepts including eye catching font styling to grab an audience’s attention, and the information text is highly legible using successful paragraph and character skills. The typography hierarchy is managed very well, with sound differentiation occurring. Your choice of colour combination has spread into the text, which is professionally minded. The diagonal aspect of the presented text shows an excellent use of space, which looks clean and uncluttered. Use of imagery and graphic devices: You have also successfully produced significant graphics of your own, using Illustrator techniques confidently. They have been developed and displayed highly effectively using many varied clever ideas. There is a lot of sophisticated skills application and deep thought to using imagery in your brochure. Excellent work! There is incredible detail in your map, and this is very well managed. You have included a very simple, yet effective table. Each page is visually captivating with consistency that flows throughout and easily a product one would imagine seeing at the zoo ready to take and enjoy."

Uni SA Teaching Staff

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