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To help my new website improve it’s ranking on Google I’m offering you a free corporate headshot on the 16th May 2018. In return for a free headshot all you need to do is provide a link from your new headshot on your website to my website.

This offer is only available to 50 people, so please book in now.

Book your preferred time now

  • Location, CBD office location, still being finalised.
  • The only condition I’m having is a maximum of three people per organisation.
  • Choice of two setups, either white background or a corporate, boardroom look and feel.
  • First in, best dressed. Limited to first 50 people.

Simply fill in the form belolw with your preferred time and I will email you back confirmation and location details.

Why I want to improve my google ranking

Getting onto the first page of Google Search results can take a lot of work. The amount of leads generated for your business can be very significant and makes the work a very worthwhile investment. Many companies spend $10,000 ++ a year on SEO, but I have a plan to short cut that process.

There are many things you need to do to improve your SEO ranking, one of the best ways to improve your ranking on Google is with high quality back links. A back link is basically a link from another website to your website.

I probably need to spend a lot of time and I mean a lot of time to get the ranking I’d like. This got me thinking, is there an quick and easy way to boost my ranking with out all the time?

My experiment (clever idea)

I’ve spent a lot of time on my new website, making sure all the information is where it needs to be. My drop of rates have fallen dramatically and it is working a whole lot better.  My previous website just wasn’t getting great conversions. Now my site is ready, I want to start getting traffic from Google.

I know backlinks are incredibly important so I started drafting a list of possible back links I could add, that’s when I thought of this idea. I can potentially get a hundred or so high quality, relevant back links for a one day investment in time.

Will it work? Not really sure, but quietly confident. If it doesn’t, worth a try and I will learn a lot from it!

How I can help you

Professional headshots are extremely important in this day and age. It’s usually the first impression a new contact will get of you. Also, first impressions have a habit of sticking, a professional headshot will give you the best possible start.

I will give you a professional headshot, 100% free of charge, no watermarks, no hidden catches. Some examples of my headshots can be found in my headshot portfolio.

How you can help me

All I’m asking for is a link from your great new headshot to my website. Simple.



2 thoughts on “Book your free corporate headshot

  1. Tom Reply

    Hey Andy, you’re always thinking outside the square, nice idea. I’ve just sent my booking 🙂

    • andysteven Post authorReply

      No worries Tom, yep got the booking, thanks will be in touch.

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