Event Photography for Adelaide Convention Bureau

I love doing event photography for the Adelaide Convention Bureau. They always send me to amazing places and have even taken me swimming with dolphins and sent me up in a helicopter three times!

In fact it was Convention Bureau that gave me my first payed photography gig, let me tell you that was a nerve racking experience.

Another interesting fact about my work for the Bureau, it’s where I learnt how to create event videos. Tourism Australia sent down a very very high end videographer for one a shoot that I was doing event photography for For four days I was able to see how he worked, what he shot, how he shot. It was very good experience. I then practiced my video skills on a holiday to Italy and was confident to try it commercially, I was lucky that Diner En Blanc gave me the chance to film their amazing event.

Following are some images from Dreamtime (2016 I think).


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