Event photography is an area of photography that I have had a lot of experience in. From shoots for Tourism Australia’s Business Events through to I guess 100+ conferences, Santa’s Workshop and everything in between.

I have done event photography for the following companies:

Check out event photography posts in my blog for even more examples.

I would definitely describe my style as candid. I like to also shoot with wide open apertures to try and inject some atmosphere and mood into my photography.

And of course because I have photographed 1000’s of events I generally know what the client is after and can work unattended and get the result you want.

Why you should use a professional event photography?

Professional event photography can do a few things:

  • If you plan to run your event again, nothing drums up numbers like professional event photography. I’ve had numerous situations when the next event has been sold out by simply posting the images to social media. (Ask me for some examples)
  • It makes you look professional. That’s important.