New website for BeautyPrep

Beauty Prep Website I’ve just finished a website for As you can see the site is simple. It uses custom images to create a consistent and personal look. We included a video on the homepage. The research shows a video on your homepage can increase conversion by 80%, that’s a huge figure. video increases […]

Book your free corporate headshot

To help my new website improve it’s ranking on Google I’m offering you a free corporate headshot on the 16th May 2018. In return for a free headshot all you need to do is provide a link from your new headshot on your website to my website. This offer is only available to 50 people, […]

Video content marketing gets great results as this example shows

Mike Spurling from Mitcham Marine who used video content marketing on their website

We all know video content marketing is supposed to improve engagement and trust. When I created the Mitcham Marine website we created an introduction video, the effect this had on conversions was extraordinary. Why did it work so well? Look at it from a potential customers point of view. If they have found you via […]

Biggest web design mistakes I see

The two biggest web design mistakes I see are based around most websites being developed by graphic designers. Follow these two tips to make your website work much more effectively. 1. One of the biggest web design mistakes is users don’t read long winded text. Perhaps the biggest web design mistake I see is text […]