Run and Gun video for University of Adelaide

Camp Karnkanthi I had an amazing few days filming the students on their leadership camp, watching them grow over just a few days was very inspiring. Karnkanthi, translated from Kaurna language means ‘lifted up’, and supports students with Aboriginal backgrounds as they transition into University. Run and Gun Originally I was planning to shoot this […]

Diner En Blanc

For the last 4 years I’ve created the official videos for Diner En Blanc. The video above was my first attempt at a video. I practiced a few techniques while I was on holidays in Europe. I also read a few books and was lucky enough to watch a high end videographer for 3 days […]

Pakfresh Promo video

Example of a corporate promo video I did for Pakfresh. Given the bland warehouse setting, I think I’ve made a visually nice and interesting video.

The Flinders Ranges. Why would you bother?

Adelaide photographer portfolio example taken in The Flinders Ranges

I just love the Flinders Ranges and camping. So I thought I would get my family to come with me to Rawnsley Park Station campground for a long weekend. Being the mean father I am, I purposely goaded my unsuspecting daughter into launching a tirade against camping. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our little family […]

Video content marketing gets great results as this example shows

Mike Spurling from Mitcham Marine who used video content marketing on their website

We all know video content marketing is supposed to improve engagement and trust. When I created the Mitcham Marine website we created an introduction video, the effect this had on conversions was extraordinary. Why did it work so well? Look at it from a potential customers point of view. If they have found you via […]