Photos from NEDC 2019

Photos from NEDC2019 Previous Next Here are links to my photos from NEDC 2019. All images are free for delegates, presenters and exhibitors to download and use as you wish. Images are sorted into two folder, hires, which is full size and suitable to publications and low res, which are more suitable for social media […]

Photos from New Year’s Eve Gala 2018

Looking for the photos from the Adelaide Convention Centre’s 2018 Gala? Please follow the below link to view and order your photos..

Corrosion & Prevention 2018 Images

A busy few days shooting the 2018 Corrosion & Prevention Conference held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. A truly eye opening experience on the importance of managing corrosion, it turns out it is a huge industry. All 2018 Corrosion Conference Images can be found and downloaded on my Dropbox Folder. Also please check out my […]

What does the Midnight House look like now?

I’ve known for a long time that the iconic house featured on the Midnight Oil Album Diesel and Dust is near Burra in South Australia. Adelaide Uni booked me in for some photoshoots in the area so I thought I would take the opportunity to search for the house and get a photo of it. […]

A few images from cycling time trial at Lenswood

I took Em out to the Round 5 Lenswood Time Trial. I didn’t see too many smiling faces on the climb. A got a few snaps before Em’s team came through, hope you enjoy them. You can download the hires versions using the following link. If you use your images, please tag me an d […]

The photo that got me hooked

Adelaide photographer portfolio example

I think this photo was about 300 on my new camera, a Sony Alpha 390. I had just discovered the exposure compensation button (I will explain that in a future post), with this button alone I worked out you could really transform a photo. Once I looked at this on my computer I was just […]

Updated headshots for The Interior Studio

I recently did a quick headshot refresh for the crew at The Interior Studio. Check out their new headshots on their website. I’m sure you agree that the consistent look and feel really ads to the professional look of their website. If you are in a service industry and want to know how important consistent, […]

Exhibition photos from ATE 2018

Here are a few exhibition photos from ATE 2018. I see so many people trying to take photos of their stands using an iPhone, that just doesn’t do the stand justice. An L series 14mm lens and a good sturdy tripod are needed. Over the years taken many exhibition stand photos as my role as […]

Some more Adelaide Event Photography Examples

Over the last 12 months I’ve done quite a lot of Adelaide event photography and even more event videography for The Department of State Development here in South Australia. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the work is the variety. Once day I may be shooting the premier talking about a new policy, the next day filming […]

Event Photography for Adelaide Convention Bureau

I love doing event photography for the Adelaide Convention Bureau. They always send me to amazing places and have even taken me swimming with dolphins and sent me up in a helicopter three times! In fact it was Convention Bureau that gave me my first payed photography gig, let me tell you that was a […]