Updated headshots for The Interior Studio

I recently did a quick headshot refresh for the crew at The Interior Studio. Check out their new headshots on their website. I’m sure you agree that the consistent look and feel really ads to the professional look of their website. If you are in a service industry and want to know how important consistent, […]

Book your free corporate headshot

To help my new website improve it’s ranking on Google I’m offering you a free corporate headshot on the 16th May 2018. In return for a free headshot all you need to do is provide a link from your new headshot on your website to my website. This offer is only available to 50 people, […]

35 corporate headshots in two hours

Westpac called me in to refresh their corporate headshots for their team. We only had a small time window which meant we allocated less than 5 minutes per person. So that gave me three hours to get through 35 people, that was 4 minutes 55 seconds per person. We thought this was achievable (just) if […]