Corrosion & Prevention 2018 Images

A busy few days shooting the 2018 Corrosion & Prevention Conference held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. A truly eye opening experience on the importance of managing corrosion, it turns out it is a huge industry. All 2018 Corrosion Conference Images can be found and downloaded on my Dropbox Folder. Also please check out my […]

Exhibition photos from ATE 2018

Here are a few exhibition photos from ATE 2018. I see so many people trying to take photos of their stands using an iPhone, that just doesn’t do the stand justice. An L series 14mm lens and a good sturdy tripod are needed. Over the years taken many exhibition stand photos as my role as […]

Some more Adelaide Event Photography Examples

Over the last 12 months I’ve done quite a lot of Adelaide event photography and even more event videography for The Department of State Development here in South Australia. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the work is the variety. Once day I may be shooting the premier talking about a new policy, the next day filming […]

Event Photography for Adelaide Convention Bureau

I love doing event photography for the Adelaide Convention Bureau. They always send me to amazing places and have even taken me swimming with dolphins and sent me up in a helicopter three times! In fact it was Convention Bureau that gave me my first payed photography gig, let me tell you that was a […]

Event Photographs from Sacome challenge weekend.

Over the weekend I got to shoot, what I guess is an event photographers dream. Lot’s of action, different light to work with, a pleasant change from the ‘pretty’ images I typically get to produce. Following are links to Dropbox where you can access all the images I shot over the weekend. Hope you find […]

Hi-res images from Moana Triathlon

All the hi-res images from the Moana Triahlon (7th April 2018) are now available on my google drive. Once again, you can use these images as you want, but to remember to send a link to my website ( and tag my social @andystevenphotograph Google drive link to Moana Triathlon Photos.