Bachelor of Digital Media

I have just enrolled and started studying for my Bachelor of Digital Media through The University of South Australia.

Why have I decided to do this?

Over the last 2 or 3 years I have seen how some clients are using, or misusing my images and I’ve started to get a real interest in how to deliver content for Social Media and Websites.

I’ve completed my Google Digital Marketing course but I’ve decided I want to get an even more in depth understanding of Digital Media. The UniSA Course seemed to offer the perfect solution. It’s also 100% online and a lot of the assignments I can do for my clients, so it’s a real win-win situation.

What does the course involve?

Here is a screen shot of my timetable, a lot of courses in there that I simply can’t wait to start.

How will this help my clients?

I already know what a huge effect the right image can have for a business. This course will help me design far more effective media and strategies.

I’m already 2 weeks into the course and it doesn’t officially start until next week. So if nothing else I get full marks for eagerness.

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3 Responses

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