I’ve been a full time Adelaide Photographer since about 2015. I’m not one of these people that picked up a camera in my youth and couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t until well into my 40’s that I purchased a camera to take some photos for a website I was developing, since then I haven’t put it down. In fact, I can pinpoint the exact photo that got me hooked.

But it’s kind of worked out well like that, so now I have skills in photography, web design and now digital marketing. So I think I can offer a pretty unique solution.

I’ve purposely kept words to a minimum on here, people just want to see my photos. So here they are

My Portfolio

When I said I’ve kept words to a minimum, I really have. Check out this article on how you should write for the web.

My introduction video

Here is a little video explaining my philosophy on my business. It shows how I bring all my skills together to give you a great solution for all your digital marketing needs.

Why choose me as your Adelaide Photographer?

Being a one stop shop will save you lots of time, hassle and money.

I am much more than just your average Adelaide Photographer. A lot of the expense in getting a great website or social media content is managing all the ‘trades’ , I can do all the following at a high level:

  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • DNS, hosting and general integration.
  • Custom Photoghraphy
  • Custom Videography
  • Animation
  • Content and Branding

If you want your website and social media to really stand out, and more importantly work the way it should, please get in touch.

I really get web design.

Most users are far worse at using computers (and the web) than you could probably ever imagine. Not many web developers understand this, especially one’s from a graphic design background. For more information check out this article on your web users skill level, you maybe surprised.


  • Certificate IV in Photo Imaging from Centre for Creative Photography. By the way I highly recommend CCP, great course, great staff, great people. Just a really good experience all around.
  • Google Online Marketing Fundamentals Qualification
  • Certified Domino Developer (back end web page stuff)

Awards I’ve won as an Adelaide Photographer

I decided a few years ago to never enter a competition again, I had a pretty good run when I first started and I’m not sure my ego can get used to knock backs, so I figure I would quit while I’m ahead.

  • Cover of 2014 Adelaide Yellow Pages
  • Adelaide City ‘Snap Your City’, $4000 first prize.
  • Sony online competition, $800 first prize, over 10,000 photos were entered.

My Design History

My web design career started almost 20 years ago, when I developed the second largest cycling website in the world (over 1 million page views per month) with Olympic Gold Medalist, Brett Aitken. About 5 years ago when I was creating a Health and Fitness Website I purchased a cheap SLR camera to take some food photos. Since then I haven’t put my camera down, and it also sparked and interest in cooking. Two things I now wish I discovered decades ago.

I also have a certificate IV in Photo Imaging and a broad range of experience in many photographic areas. I really don’t want to pigeon-hole myself as a wedding photographer, sports photographer, etc etc.. My portfolio shows that I can get great results across the board. I just love taking photos and find skills you learn in one genre can be applied creatively to others.