I recently decided todo some advertising on Facebook to try and book a few weddings over my normally quiet summer period. In this article I do some Facebook advertising analysis to see how well it has worked.

The Ad

My ad was a simple video, but a video very much targeted at a specific audience. I think my style appeals to a certain group of people and my video tried to play to that.

The Spend

I spent about $80 on the post, obviously targeted to recently engaged people in Adelaide. Back in the old days you got a lot more reach for your money, and I find it very frustrating the better the ad, the less reach Facebook will give you. They really seem to penalise people that have put thought into their campaigns.

Facebook advertising analysis

From the 218 clicks I received for my ad, I had 9 enquiries on my website. So this came to about $10 per enquiry. I was very pleased with this result. I’ve already booked to weddings from it and I am in negotiations for hopefully one or two more.

After some less than spectacular campaigns I was very please to get good leads for just $10. Not only that, my conversion rate (website enquiries / website visitors) was about 5%, which was a good result as well.

I’ve tried several other facebook campaigns for my business, but they have been far less successful. I’ve tried in particular to target businesses for updates of their headshots.

Upon reflection, I think whether you are advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords or etc, the most important thing to generate good leads is to get your ad shown to people who are looking for that service. Nearly all recently engaged people will be thinking about photography, so when my ad pops up they will more than likely have some form of sticky beak at it. Where as a fresh headshot probably isn’t at the top of peoples mind’s.

I know a lot of people get frustrated with the success of their ads on Facebook, as have I. But this campaign showed me that the right ad targeted to the right audience can be very effective. Just banging out any old ad will probably give less than ideal results.

I’m going to use Ad Words to target headshots, because people that click on the link are actively looking at getting new headshots. I thuink I will get a much better ROI doing that.

But, I’m also going to and think of a clever way to market headshots on Facebook, I will keep you posted.

Please get in touch if you think your campaigns and conversion rates an be improved.

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