35 corporate headshots in two hours

Westpac called me in to refresh their corporate headshots for their team. We only had a small time window which meant we allocated less than 5 minutes per person. So that gave me three hours to get through 35 people, that was 4 minutes 55 seconds per person.

We thought this was achievable (just) if we used the same lighting for each person and had a military style approach to marshalling. The first shoot went perfectly, an attractive young female, lighting looked great, of to an awesome start, 3 minutes in, 1 minute 55 seconds ahead of schedule, too easy!

Then things went pair shaped, the next person was a middle aged bald man. I clicked the shutter and looked at the image, it was just awful. The even flat lighting I had setup, simply didn’t work well for this guy.

Panic stations!

Luckily my fancy pants camera has the ability to save your current settings to a custom button, a very handy setting when you want to flick between a few setups. So I saved the current settings of my camera to my C1 button and then went about changing the lighting and exposure to suit a male face. I took a few minutes of mucking around and I was now 5 minutes behind schedule. But the photo was looking much better.

We pushed through and by 11.30 we had 35 headshots in the bag. I was completely exhausted, extracting posing, tweaking settings can get pretty draining. But very pleased with the end result.

What quality headshot can you expect in less than 5 minutes?

Following are a few examples from our shoot. As you can see different lighting was used for different people.

Please get in touch if you are looking art refreshing your corporate headshots.


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