Diner En Blanc

For the last 4 years I’ve created the official videos for Diner En Blanc. The video above was my first attempt at a video. I practiced a few techniques while I was on holidays in Europe. I also read a few books and was lucky enough to watch a high end videographer for 3 days […]

A close look at a Facebook Ads Campaign

I recently decided todo some advertising on Facebook to try and book a few weddings over my normally quiet summer period. In this article I do some Facebook advertising analysis to see how well it has worked. The Ad My ad was a simple video, but a video very much targeted at a specific audience. I […]

The photo that got me hooked

Adelaide photographer portfolio example

I think this photo was about 300 on my new camera, a Sony Alpha 390. I had just discovered the exposure compensation button (I will explain that in a future post), with this button alone I worked out you could really transform a photo. Once I looked at this on my computer I was just […]

Pakfresh Promo video

Example of a corporate promo video I did for Pakfresh. Given the bland warehouse setting, I think I’ve made a visually nice and interesting video.

Updated headshots for The Interior Studio

I recently did a quick headshot refresh for the crew at The Interior Studio. Check out their new headshots on their website. I’m sure you agree that the consistent look and feel really ads to the professional look of their website. If you are in a service industry and want to know how important consistent, […]